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Nursery Room Inspiration (January)

One of the best things in life of a woman like you is receiving the news that you are going to have a baby. And of course, part of your excitement’s “side effect” is planning and deciding for everything so that the moment your baby says hello to the world, everything will be smooth-sailing. One of the things worth-planning for now that you heard the news is “how your baby’s room should look like?”. Especially for a first timer mommies who will really spend enough time to plan for their baby’s future room.

So, let’s continue discussing room ideas for your baby. Here are another set of nursery room examples where you could get and inspiration for your baby’s room plan and decor.

Using of white and light colors for the facilities in your baby’s room depicts an imageof cleanliness and calmness that can help lessen your baby’s stress. Putting the crib adjacent to the window can create a lighter and better aura in the room. A carpet on the wooden floor is a great idea. Onlymake sure to keep your carpet clean because sooner or later when your baby learns to crawl, he will definitely enjoy it and the carpet will be his favorite area.

This is a great idea for your baby girl’s room. Light colors with some touches of dark and pastel colors gives the ambience of a well-balanced room. red can actually have good effects such as energizing the body and increasing athletic ability. Red isn’t actually recommended to be used in baby’s room as it is associated with aggression but only if used in excess. You can still use red just like the cabinet in the picture, as it gives accent to the appearance of the room and actually have good effects such as increasing athletic ability.

Color gray gives the feeling of simplicity and is easy to partner with other colors. Gray color promotes thought and emotions but excessive usage of this color might bring up the feeling of sadness. Bright colored pattern mattress gives a punch of perfection for the whole ambience on the room. This would be a perfect idea for your baby boy’s room.

This last one is perfect for either a baby boy or a baby girl. As you can see, the crib is located adjacent from the window which will definitely makes the room look glowy and fresh especially the moment Mr. Sunshine greets you and your baby ‘hello’. You can actually use any color with this room inspiration. You may also put carpet for your baby’s future crawling or walking area.Using a carpet actually adds to the beauty of the aura of the room but again cleanliness is a must! Adding some good displays like a vase and paintings create a better ambience.

We really do hope that these ideas has been a great help to you so far. Stay tune in this section for more ideas and tips for your baby.

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