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Nursery Room Inspiration

Have you been conceptualizing for your baby’s room for months now and still needing some more inspiration to finally come up with that overall look? Yes? Well we know the struggle! That’s why, here in this article, feel free to get inspiration for your child’s first room.
Although we know you love reading anything about your baby, (no contest to that!), this section though will be more visual as we present to you some cute and adorable (just like your little one) ideas for you nursery room!  


    Pink never gets old. It’s the usual pick for your baby girls’ room, dress, or toys. Though usual, the shade matches the cuteness and goes along with so many other colors. The picture above shows a combination of pastel pink and pastel yellow. The setting, where in the window is almost adjacent to the crib, gives an ambient lighting in the morning making the room glow warmly. Notice the hanging birds right there! It would help your eyes vision and focus. We can say that this room is perfect for your newborn to 3 months old baby.


  2. For your baby boy, neutral color like gray will complement a lot of colors, too. If you decide to pick neutral color, make it as the base color so you can accentuate the room with other scheme. This is quite  a spacious cartoon-ish room, too, which is a good idea setting for your baby. The colorful toys and stuff around can catch attention thus results to mobility, eventually. The picture above is perfect for your 6 month old and above baby boy. He can crawl or play around. Just make sure the carpet is clean

    From crib, cradle, to color mats, this room is indeed a functional one. This can be the room for your 6 month old or toddler. Enough space is provided for play time and the like. Don’t worry mommy and daddy, you can watch over them as seats for you can fit this spacious room. The colors used are light blue, white and pink -- so this room is perfect for any gender.  
    We hope that these simple ideas help. Please feel free to reach us if you want to share your nursery room peg and we would be happy to feature it here!  
    Tune in as we show more nursery room ideas on the following issues! :)

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