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Take a stroll on this section of fun facts and practical tips that you may or may not know yet! Learn from our list of helpful insights for your little one’s life full of firsts.

Baby’s Sob Stories

Crying is a major sign of life! When our precious little one came out to the outside world, his “boooo hooo” was the most anticipated sound we expected to hear. Maybe it’s his way to say “Hello world!” We can’t run from it. Although not all babies are the same, except they all cry; it’s the level of crying where they differ from one another. If we could only get subtitles to our baby’s sob stories then the whole soothing scene would get better. However, until he learns to use words like yes or no, they’ll continue to communicate through their language; ear-shattering wailing and pitiful tears. 

We mommies know that crying might mean something else. Here are those “something” to know and what to do about them:

Hungry + Angry = Hangry!
Well, this is the most classic reason why our babies cry! They eat every few hours round-the-clock so expect fussiness when hunger strikes. To avoid such wimping out, respond to early signs of hunger like lip-smacking, sucking on his hands and rooting — turning his head to find the boob or bottle. Do you also feel like every tear is equivalent to a nutrient loss? 
Time for Nappy Change!
If the atmosphere smells stinky and the sheets gets dirty then the price of combating the “hanger” just arrived! The feeling of uneasiness that is brought about by wet and soiled nappy is a surefire that would trigger teary tales. Check those nappy time to time. To ease up the burden of undressing process, you can use diapers with “wetness indicators” -- which changes color when they’re wet.
Slumber party once more!
Yes, babies are so lucky to spend more than half a day just for sleep. If they still cry after meal and nappy change, then maybe they need more sleep than you think. Newborns often sleep up to 16 hours a day while others sleep even more. Wow! 
Cuddle, please?
Maybe the the sobbing can be soothed by a ‘lil bit of extra cuddling. Babies like to see their parents' faces, hear their voices, and listen to their heartbeats, and can even detect their unique smell. Crying can be their way of asking to be held close.

Hot ‘n Cold
According to BabyCenter, when your baby feels chilly, such as when you remove his clothes to change a diaper or clean his bottom with a cold wipe, he may protest by crying.
Newborns like to be bundled up and kept warm — but not too warm. As a rule, they’re comfortable wearing one more layer than you need to be comfortable. 

Teething, over-stimulation, and fever could also be reasons for crying. Though sometimes, after meeting your baby's immediate needs to calm him down, he still doesn't stop crying. The reason, he might just feel like crying! Okay. Everything’s all right. It’s just a phase, very common, and it shall pass. As soon as your baby learns new ways of communicating his needs to you then the excessive crying will soon bid adios.

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